Writing the Contract for Your New Home


Congratulations! You have found the home of your dreams so what happens now? It is time to write the contract!


In 2020 we are seeing very little inventory and you may be in competition so it is important that your agent writes a well written super solid contract. An experienced agent will also know how to protect you by making sure the proper contingencies are in place if needed.

We at Lisa Alonso Properties are here to help:

  • We will educate you about the offer and or sales price based on the comparables in the neighborhood.
  • We will discuss why a home inspection is important and the time frame to do so that will protect you should you find something wrong with the house.
  • We will discuss what a financing contingency is and how to get the wheels in motion with your lender.
  • We will discuss what an appraisal means and what happens if the house does not appraise.
  • We will recommend a reputable title company who will do a title search on the house and is actually the place where the closing will take place.
  • We will assess the down payment and the closing date to suite your needs.
  • If needed we will educate you about the ways we can make your offer stronger if there are multiple offers in.
  • If you have a house to sell we can discuss options to do so and coordinate the transaction as smoothly as possible

Let us worry about the details.


Stay tuned to find out more about what happens during contract to close and what a post settlement rent back means.

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