Don’t Miss Out! Why waiting for Lower Interest Rates Could Cost You Your Dream Home?

Couple In Front Of Home With Sold SignLet’s talk about interest rates. Trust me on this, it could be the difference between landing your dream home or losing one home after the other as you sit and wait. It makes sense to think that waiting for interest rates to drop lower is the smartest choice. But here is the catch, they may not drop as low as you think for a very long time. That could be years of money spent on renting or paying someone else’s mortgage where you could have been building equity. This could be in a year or a decade we never know.

No matter what, the housing market is constantly in flux. Prices may even go up while you are waiting. Refinancing is an option but you may end up stuck with a higher sales price because you were in competition with other offers. Even if interest rates do drop slightly, the savings might not be as significant as you think.

Check with a lender because once you add in the tax write offs you may be surprised what your numbers may end up being. You may still come out ahead! In the end, make your real estate dreams come true now. It is smart to build equity for retirement, live in your dream home or location and stop waiting for the future and what rates may or may not do.

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