Where Do I Begin When Buying a Home?

Are you excited to STOP RENTING and make a home purchase?  Are you excited about CREATING WEALTH and EQUITY in a home?  You are but where in the world do you BEGIN?


First off it is worth mentioning that when you working with a Realtor on the buy side you do not have to pay a commission.  So why wouldn’t you want a professional negotiator like Lisa Alonso Properties, who has knowledge of the process, the communities and the contract there to take good care of you?




I wanted to share my knowledge of the process with you so I have created a SIX PART VIDEO SERIES on my facebook page to explain how.  Check it out here.




  • Sit down with a Realtor with a list of all of your wants and needs in a home.
  • Ask questions.  All questions are good questions and will help you to understand the process better.
  • Determine what you can afford?  Your Realtor will have a list of excellent lenders to help you do just that.  I recommend discussing the down payment or not, an ideal mortgage payment for you, your credit and loan programs that suit your needs.  You may be able to afford more than you think!
  • Have your Realtor set you up in a customized search engine specific to your needs.  This is easy and convenient and will help you avoid having to search all over the web.
  • Have your Realtor organize a list of homes to view and hit the pavement looking.
  • A good Realtor will point out all of the pros and cons of the house and the community to help you make your best decision.
  • Have your Realtor look at the comparable properties in the area in order to write you an offer that is both reasonable and or competitive if needed
  • From there it is contract to close time.


Stay tuned for another blog that explains how that works.


Ultimately my job is to help you find your DREAM HOME!   These steps start that process for you.