When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

Figuring out when to sell your home seems pretty simple.  Springtime is where it’s at right? Well not this year. In 2020 the Spring market is starting early which means if you want to sell your home now is the time.  Statistics from 2019 show the market starting in January which is historically early. This year we are seeing that trend again.  

Now with that said is is worth mentioning that many other factors can determine when the best time is right for you.  Working closely with us at Lisa Alonso Properties, we can find a great time to sell your home in Northern Virginia.


This year we are seeing a demand that is high but not a lot of homes for sale.  So if January or February is a convenient time for you to sell go for it!! With not a lot of homes to choose from, buyers are more aggressive, pay more and homes sell fast.


The market tends to slow down starting in late June and early July.  In Northern Virginia we see a lot of people going on vacation at this time.  August is historically the slowest month in real estate (although this can always change).  It is important to mention that if that is the month that works for you than that is the best time to list your house.  Often times there are buyers who still want to move before the school year starts. If you are able to move out of your home quickly during these months – this could be an attractive sale for a buyer.


The second strongest market is in the Fall.  I have seen years where this market is a consistent flow of buyers to sellers and I have seen years where the Fall market was simply hot!  

Ultimately, the best way to assess when to put your home on the market is to sit down and talk with an experienced real estate agent that can assess the current market, show you the trends, evaluate the comparables and get your house sold.  At Lisa Alonso Properties, we have strong marketing techniques, professional staging, photos, virtual tours and brochures that will make your home shine anytime of year! Just give us a call and we are here to help!