Selling Your Home During the Holidays with these Decorating Tips

Are you curious if it is smart to sell your home during the holidays? The good news is YES! During the holidays and cold weather months buyers who are out tend to be very SERIOUS. For this reason the weekends that come before Christmas and New Years are some of the busiest of the year. Statistics confirm this. One of the reasons for this is that Inventory tends to be low at this time because most sellers think that they should wait until Spring to sell and that is just not the case. During 2020 we have seen low inventory for a good part of the year which helps even more.

Decorations are awesome! Staging will help sell your home for top dollar so once you make the decision to sell it can be fun to take advantage of your holiday decorations. They are built in staging supplies! Enjoy and go for it but keep in mind that less is more and simple is best.

It is smart to start with the exterior. Curb appeal is the first thing the buyers will see so set up the lights but do not overkill your yard with big blow up animals and music. Make sure to keep your windows exposed and do not add too many candles.

Go ahead and use elements of nature around the house. Grab greens from your yard or put up a real wreath on your door. Fresh garland on your bannister or fireplace is always a pretty touch. Simple stockings hanging on the mantle can add a pop of color if needed. Seasonal candles or essential oils can fill the air with scents of balsam, vanilla, or pumpkin adding a warm cozy and inviting smell to your home.

During the holidays go ahead and use the opportunity to have a holiday theme throughout. Feel free to match linens, placemats and set a beautiful table. Stay consistent so if your home is light and bright keep it that way. Remember to keep your house clean and decluttered as you place decorations throughout.

Overall it is a great time of year to sell. Motivated buyers, tasteful staging and pricing your home correctly will get you under contract in no time and for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.