Buyers are Returning!! The Forecast is Looking Good for Sellers!

In the middle of March we saw a big change in the housing market due to all the uncertainty of COVID19. Many houses in our area went off the market or into what we call temporary status. These sellers plan to list their properties again as soon as possible which will increase the inventory available to buyers. We are starting to see this happen. In addition in the last few weeks we have seen positive signs that buyers are returning to the market which is a great sign for sellers.

Zillow reports that web traffic for listings online has gone up to levels that are comparable to past Spring markets. Showings have also gone up in recent weeks as there is a new confidence in sellers allowing people into their homes with their agents as long as the proper safety precautions are used. Safety protocols such as using masks, booties, gloves and scheduled social distanced meetings have been put in place as recommended.

There is also the use of virtual technology that can help to reduce traffic in certain conditions including open houses. The technology and search engines are innovative and adapting to virtual business everyday. This technology is changing business and allowing for a safe process as the market continues to progress.

If you are ready and able to sell at this time it is a great time to do so. Buyers are out there and real estate is essential.