5 Things You Should Do NOW To Prepare Your House For Spring Market

You are thinking of moving and putting your house on the market.  You want to wait until the hot spring market and for the timing of moving without changing schools! So what can you do now to get a head start?  Lisa Alonso Properties, a northern virginia realtor, has the top 5 things to get going on and prepare your house so you’re ready to go when the market gets hot.

  1. Declutter, declutter, declutter – the first thing a real estate agent will tell you is less is more for showing your home.  Start going through those toy bins, bookshelves, and closets.
  2. Simplify your look – walls should be clean, again less is more here.  Clean walls allow people to view the house with less distraction.
  3. Paint – A fresh coat of paint and touch ups will need to be done, you can get a head start now. Think neutral colors.
  4. Market Analysis – It’s a great idea to reach out to a realtor, like Lisa Alonso Properties, and get a free market analysis to find out what your home could be worth.  Lisa Alonso will research the homes that have sold in your area, take into account other factors such as the neighborhood and surrounding communities, and of course what special items your home has to offer.
  5. Start researching your new dream home – let Lisa Alonso Properties start helping you decide what neighborhoods might best to look at. She can start helping you dream up your new home!