5 Moving Tips to make Your Move a Breeze

Moving soon? These 5 Moving Tips will help make your next move a breeze!
1.  When I first meet with people who want to sell their home the first step I almost always recommend is to declutter.  This is the perfect opportunity to prep your home and prepare for your move.  I recommend making piles of what you no longer need, what you want to sell or donate and then to store the rest in labeled boxes.
Another great tip is to get a storage unit when you do this.  You can start to slowly remove the packed boxes, as well as any large furniture that takes up space in your home.  This gives your home a larger feel and will give buyers a greater visual of the size of your rooms and how they can place their own furniture.
2.  Decide what your budget is and how much you want to spend on your move.  Get some estimates from moving companies and see what their services include.   Do you want to hire movers to do everything or a portion of the job? If so, book and schedule your moving truck. Can you pack a majority of the boxes on your own?  Do you have any friends that can help move some of the heavy items?
3.  Set up a schedule for packing.  This will help to reduce your stress.  To save some money you can call or go by local grocery stores to see if they have any used boxes.  You can also post on social media and ask to see if a previous purchaser has any they would like picked up? From there you can purchase packing materials, labels and supplies.
4.  Two weeks before your move you should change your address at the post office, banks, credit cards etc..  Call the utility companies and change the service into your name for the day of closing. You definitely don’t want your heat or AC to be interrupted!!
5.  Take breaks along the way and remember this is stressful but think of the big picture and remember to celebrate!  Order pizza on moving day so you can take a breather and enjoy your
next chapter in life!!